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FreshwaterLife Research and Methods section includes information on experimental and thematic methods, best practise in the field and in the laboratory and past and current projects, results and programmes. You can also access electronic identification tools, the ecological database and management practises and both chemical and biological freshwater monitoring.

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The objective of this section is to provide you with comprehensive information of a number of aspects of freshwater research under the sub-topic headings listed on the left-hand side of the screen. By clicking on a chosen sub-topic you can access documents, websites, tools, monitoring information etc. You can also access details of case histories and methods arranged under topics relevant to you. For field and laboratory work interactive and downloadable identification keys and comprehensive lists of freshwater publications will help you tackle most freshwater groups. Remember you can add missing topics – just let us know.

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This worldview – Research and Methods – is designed for researchers and freshwater scientists in academia and elsewhere, as well as those interested in aquatic research, methods and solutions to freshwater problems.

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If you are interested in contributing to this Topic, you can submit your own relevant sub-topics and knowledge items. To become a FreshwaterLife member is easy, just click on the Join Now button, and you can start submitting your own material and take part in discussions. For this Research and Methods topic, suitable material could be information on projects, publications or products dealing with trends and developments in freshwater research and methods.

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Information sources on this Topic:
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument The role of temperature in life history traits variability: a case st...ez, France) Increasing continental water temperature in response to climatic warming will probably change life history traits and geographical distribution patte...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument THE DEVELOPMENT OF FRESHWATER SCIENCE IN BRITAIN, This paper forms part of a trial being conducted by the FBA and FreshwaterLife to look at new ways of making information about freshwater science ava...  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation Freshwater Biological Association The Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) provides the home for Freshwater<em>Life</em> and practical support. The FBA holds legal responsibility ...  Training Institute; Research Institute; Natural History Society; Library/Information Centre 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Integrated Modelling of Nitrogen Transfer in aquifers and streams.The...Morin Basin The basin of the Grand Morin is a sub-catchment of the Seine basin. The Grand Morin stream is submitted to a strong agricultural pressure, resulting ...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Freshwater Biology Launched in 1971 Freshwater Biology publishes research into the ecology of the freshwaters including floodplains and wetlands. Follow the link below ...  Journal 
download immediately / go direct to sourceevent Conference on Multifunctionality of Landscapes This conference considers the multifunctionality of landscapes from a variety of perspectives including eco-hydrology, biodiversity and economic. Al...  Conference 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Responses of macrophytes of six Mediterranean rivers (south-eastern F...isturbances This is the first study on this topic focusing on the aquatic plants growing in six coastal rivers of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. These rive...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Urban Rainy Weather Flow Effects on Periphytic Communities in Artific... Conditions “Urban Rainy Weather Flows” carry particles accumulated during dry periods and resulting from human activities: organic matter, hydrocarbons, metals,...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Invasive Ludwigia spp. of southern France : History, Taxonomy, Biolog...nd Ecology. Since they were first introduced at the beginning of the 19th century into theRiver Lez at Montpellier, the American Ludwigia have gradually colonize...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Responses of a Periphytic Assemblage Exposed to a Complex Effluent: Channels Biological changes of periphytic assemblages exposed to an industrial effluent were investigated in bio-essays and artificial channels. The studied b...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument An investigation of the ponds of the Regional Park of Causses du Quer...nservation. In the arid karstic region of the “Causses du Quercy” (SW France), ponds constitute the only available surface water resource on this limestone plate...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation British Ecological Society The BES is an active and thriving organisation with something to offer anyone with an interest in ecology. Academic journals, teaching resources, mee...  Non-Governmental Organisation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcenews item Eutrophication implicated in deformed frogs Following on from a previous study which indicated that parasitic trematodes might be the cause of deformities in frogs, two researchers in America h...   29 September 2004 
event SEFS4- Fourth symposium for European Freshwater Sciences The Organising Committee invites scientists interested in pure or applied freshwater science to participate in the Symposium. The Symposia for Europ...  Meeting 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Damage of diatoms through long term storage in formaldehyde Damage of diatoms by storage in formaldehyde is described. Remedies to improve preservation are named.  Paper: Technical paper 
download immediately / go direct to sourcewebsite item The Environment Agency The main theme of this website is the need for sustainable development and management of the environment; 'We are the leading public body for protect...  Thematic website 
download immediately / go direct to sourcewebsite item Ecosystem Management This site promotes the application of the ecosystem approach and the sharing of test results conducted in the field. The main principles behind this ...  Thematic website 
download immediately / go direct to sourcewebsite item Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology Research portfolio for the cooperative research centre for freshwater ecology, providing information on river system ecology, river restoration and s...  Thematic website 
download immediately / go direct to sourcenews item Cool reception could deter carp, study finds This article discusses new research, which suggests that Canada could be too cold for Asian grass carp to invade the Great Lakes, thus weakening prev...   26 July 2004 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Have ecologists oversold biodiversity? This article examines both sides of the ongoing debate surrounding biodiversity. The argument predominantly concerns the techniques used in experimen...  Paper: Discussion paper 
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