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Hydroecology examines the effect of physical, chemical and biological factors on the structure and function of aquatic communities.
Hydroecology integrates the academic fields of hydrology and ecology. This subject is an emerging discipline and represents a significant shift in scientific thinking. However, debate surrounds the true level of integration between the disciplines.
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download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Linking scales of flow variability to lotic ecosystem structure and function Obtaining a better knowledge of how flow variability affects lotic biota is of considerable importance to stream and river management. We contend tha...  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Ecohydrology and hydroecology: A 'new paradigm'? Latest invited commentary in the hydroecology and ecohydrology debate.  Journal: Article 
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download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Hydrology and ecology meet - and the meeting is good An invited commentary on the emergence of the hydroecology/ecohydrology area of research.  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Linking hydrology and ecology An entire issue dedicated to examples of research at the interface of hydrology and ecology.  Journal: Whole issue 
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