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Conservation Ecology
Conservation Ecology
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download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument The role of temperature in life history traits variability: a case st...ez, France) Increasing continental water temperature in response to climatic warming will probably change life history traits and geographical distribution patte...  Thesis / dissertation 
multimedia itemUK view of canal with aquatic vegetation and barge (restricted access)
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation English Nature Within England English Nature is a goverment funded body which has the responsibility for the conservation of Englands wildlife, geology and wild p...  Regulatory Organisation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcenews item Aquatic insects join the extinction list? Although Hawaii only represent 0.2% of the land area of the United States of America it accounts for 75% of the nations recorded extinctions. Until n...    
organisation Joint Nature Conservancy Council The Joint Nature Conservancy Council is the United Kingdom Government's wildlife adviser, undertaking national and international conservation work on...  Research Institute 
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation Scottish Natural Heritage Scottish Natural Heritages mission is to care for and sustain the natural heritage of Scotland. There work programme focusses on three areas, caring ...  Regulatory Organisation 
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation Countryside Council for Wales Similar to its sister organisations English Nature and Scottish Natural Heritage the role of the Countryside Council for Wales is to promote and inte...  Regulatory Organisation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Responses of macrophytes of six Mediterranean rivers (south-eastern F...isturbances This is the first study on this topic focusing on the aquatic plants growing in six coastal rivers of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. These rive...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Invasive Ludwigia spp. of southern France : History, Taxonomy, Biolog...nd Ecology. Since they were first introduced at the beginning of the 19th century into theRiver Lez at Montpellier, the American Ludwigia have gradually colonize...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourceorganisation UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre provides information for policy and action to conserve the living world. The Centre's activities includ...  Regulatory Organisation; Non-Governmental Organisation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument An investigation of the ponds of the Regional Park of Causses du Quer...nservation. In the arid karstic region of the “Causses du Quercy” (SW France), ponds constitute the only available surface water resource on this limestone plate...  Thesis / dissertation 
download immediately / go direct to sourcewebsite item Convention on biological diversity This website promotes a sustainable relationship between humanity and the natural world, the ecosystem approach and the importance of building partne...  Thematic website 
document Restoration of the Rivers Brede, Cole and Skerne: a joint Danish and ...ion project This is a group of five articles that review the creation, development, implementation and results of a restoration project on two UK rivers and one ...  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Sustaining healthy freshwater ecosystems This is a comprehensive ecology leaflet addressing the majority of issues surrounding the maintenance of fresh water systems. These include the struc...  Leaflet 
document Flood reduction through wetland restoration: the upper Mississippi Ri...ase history This is a case history into the 1993 Mississippi flooding that suggests how restoration of the wetlands, rather than renewing structural levees, coul...  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Guidelines for the integrated management of the watershed. phytotechn...cohydrology The main objectives of this on-line publication are to assist scientists and policy makers etc in making decisions regarding the management of waters...  Publication 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: maintaining natural life supp...t processes This article reviews the available evidence about the impact of the loss of biodiversity on ecosystem function both at the local and global level. Th...  Leaflet 
document Biospheric foundations of the ecosystem approach to environmental management This article discusses the social, economic and environmental factors of the ecosystem approach to environmental management. Biospheric processes are...  Journal: Article 
download immediately / go direct to sourcedocument Integrated watershed management - ecohydrology & phytotechnology - manual In 2003, 189 member states of the United Nations reaffirmed the principle priority status of freshwater. It has also now been recognised that for the...  Publication 
document The ecosystems approach to water management: the main features of the...ems concept This article is based on papers that contributed to the 'ecosystem approach' seminar in Oslo in 1991. It considers the main principles underlying thi...  Journal: Article 
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